Since 2010 I have been working on-site and remotely for most of the biggest studios in Brazil, animating for cut-out series as well as storyboarding for content aired at Cartoon Network, Discovery Kids and Netflix.


Demo de animação

Storyboard and Animatic

For Storyboard samples, please request link.

Vinícius e Tom – Divertidos por Natureza (Birdo) – Storyboard para os episódios:
024 – Rúgbi
028 – Meio Ambiente
030 – Futebol

Tromba Trem 3ª temporada (Copa Studio) – Storyboard para episódios:
Hercules Beetle
João e Maria
Little Wolves
Taturana Show
Vampire Diaries
Galapagos Islands

Meu Amigãozão (2DLab) – Storyboard e Animatic para episódios:
BBF071 – Who did it?
BBF075 – Leader Lili
BBF087 – Starfish and pencil
BBF090 – Where’s my snack?

Bob Zoom (Alopra) – Storyboard e Animatic:
Ep10 – história e clipe
Ep11 – clipe
Ep18 – história e clipe
Ep23 – clipe
Ep24 – história e clipe

Irmãos Suados (Alopra) – Storyboard e Animatic:

Papaya Bull (Birdo) – Storyboard:
Ep01 – Ou não

Vivi Viravento (Mixer) – Storyboard e Animatic:
Ep09 – Havaí

Illustration / Art Direction / Character Design